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"Turned down for what?"

- My mother, in real life, talking in no way about Lil Jon. I lost it.


Just make sure you ahead of the game
Kiyomitsu II, Torii Kiyomine / Work It, Missy Elliott

My reaction when Internet Explorer asks to become my default browser…

I’m usually not a huge fan of “Weird Al,” but no matter how you feel about his past parodies, “Word Crimes” is a smart song with an interesting music video. It perfectly combines old and new media - from dictionaries and books to AIM, text messages, twitter, hashtags, reedit, and emojis. Then there’s also the punctuation, grammar, and spelling,

Share it! It’s going to go viral anyway, but talk about it in your classrooms, at libraries, with your friends, and think about what makes it an interesting and though provoking parody.


Sing along Madame Monet, you ain’t gotta worry bout no drama
Woman with a Parasol - Madame Monet and Her Son (1875), Claude Monet / Up Up And Away, Kid Cudi